Guerrilla Gardening on KCET 28

Guerrilla Gardening on KCET 28

Val Zavala came to our September 20th dig at the Van Ness site. We had a great group of gardeners that night and we put in the start of a beautiful garden. The KCET crew also came to SoCal Guerrilla Gardening Headquarters to get a behind the scenes look at the plants being raised for future guerrilla gardens.

Denied Access

We took a tour of some of our gardens in Long Beach to get updates and check on the progress at the Lincoln Park/City Hall project. I hoped to glean what is left of the gardens but unfortunately we were denied access. The Lincoln Park gardens are now blocked off and set for demolition.

In fact they were spreading the fencing as we watched.

Orange Ave Guerrilla Garden

This guerrilla garden has three areas. We planted this guerrilla garden in October 2009. The grass had died in this spot but the other two areas still had grass.



In as few years the grass died off in the other areas. So we added more plants to those areas also.

But now the grass is making a comeback in some spots.

Agave ovatifolia agave americana variegated in guerrilla garden

Agave ovatifolia in guerrilla garden

agave americana var. striata and aloes in guerrilla garden

Aloe in bloom in guerrilla garden


guerrilla garden with agave franzosinii



Trees, Trees, and More Trees

2016 has been a very busy year so far for the SoCal Guerrilla Gardening Club. We have planted hundreds of plants and dozens of tree so far. Google stopped listing our post so this is really a test post ti see if we show up on their search.

Memorial Tree for Jason’s dad – Barry #2

Backpacking a tree to it new home on a hill somewhere in LA county. Memorial tree planting – Barry #1

Ceiba planted on the 101 freeway in Hollywood CA.


Memorial Jacaranda Tree for Prince. Sunset off ramp 101 freeway.

SoCal Guerrilla Gardening Club and Occidental College Team Up for MLK Day 2017





This is the before shot of the spot we gardened January 28, 2017
This is the same center median we gardened at last year with Occidental College for MLK Day of volunteerism.

I had a great time again doing a day of volunteering for MLK Day with the students from Occidental College, including some guys from Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Jacob Vigos of URAA adding more plants to the garden we started last MLK Day.

The guys from Sigma Alpha Epsilon making quick work of the project.

Cam Dusting just arrived from Melbourne, Australia for school at Occidental College the week before.

Mark Gad our student leader looking happy to be done early enough to get some studying in Saturday. 

The Oxy crew

Jacob of URAA  enjoying the finished garden.


SoCal Guerrilla Gardening Club