About Us

After gardening guerrilla style for over 20 years Scott Bunnell started  SoCal Guerrilla Gardening  in 2008. With many years of experience gardening before starting covert plantings we developed the Clean, Green, and Glean method of guerrilla gardening. We find neglected public land not being cared for by the folks responsible for it’s upkeep and we plant a drought tolerant garden. Most of the spots we pick are plantless because there isn’t a watering system in place.  So most of our gardens get by on rain water or the occasional watering by someone.  After cleaning up the spot and the surrounding area we plant a drought tolerant garden. We will tend to it and later as the garden fills in we glean cuttings, pups, and bulbils to add back to this garden or start a new one. We currently have over 20 gardens in the Southern California area with new gardens started every fall. Yes, we plant our guerrilla gardens only in the fall and winter in southern California! Spring and summer are time for propagation at SoCal GGC headquarters and cleaning and gleaning gardens.

SoCal Guerrilla Gardening Club