MLK and the 110 Garden, Los Angeles, Ca.


MLK and the 110 Garden, Los Angeles, Ca.

This is our newest Guerrilla Garden in Los Angeles located at Flower and MLK. It’s just to the west of the 110 freeway on the north side of MLK. There are already some Agave americana and some A. sisalana with pups that we will pull up and pot up for future Guerrilla Gardening projects.

We’re planting this garden with the South Central Resistance group. This is our first dig of what I hope is many guerrilla gardening projects together. We have a “top secret” dig coming up very soon together. I’ll be posting an article and some photo’s of the event as soon as it happens.



Here’s some of the kids from SCR pulling pups up to take home and pot up for future Guerrilla Gardening. We planted around ten agaves and a couple of aloe trees (future trees).

David looks pretty happy that he finally was able to pull this pup out. Below are some of the pups we harvested for future plantings.

The Glean!


Here’s a photo after the first planting. As you can see there’s a lot of open space yet to be planted. But it’s kind of a tough, dry location. We used shovels but we broke down and got out the pick ax. Luckily there was very little weeding to do. This site might have to wait till next fall to be finished because I’m not going to be able to water it during the summer. As we were finishing up a lady that lives up the street walked by and thanked us for making the neighborhood look better. I think the kids enjoyed that and they talked to her for a few minutes then we cleaned up and got out of there.

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